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don't know whether it's cape worthy. i wouldn't wear a cape unless i had a shirt with an "s" to go with it. that's just me. this morning a mostly clear sky. if you haven't been outside yet there is a nice refreshing northwesterly breeze as well behind a weather front which is dropping some slightly cooler air back into the area. i think you'll appreciate the weekend. temperature right now 68 right here in washington. still 70 in annapolis. 59 now out toward the shenandoah valley. 57 degrees in winchester and front royal. 59 in martinsburg, west virginia. nothing showing up on radar. it's a dry start to the weekend. closest rain drops to us are moving away going through new york city heading out toward boston. for us, today, mild and dry. plenty of sunshine. highs today mid to upper 70s. so a little cooler than yesterday's low 80s but still not bad. then for tomorrow more of the same. your weekend is looking very nice. high and dry but rain chances will be coming back very, very soon. don't forget it's a saturday in the fall. that means college football forecast. who, when, and wher
spots. 50s out into the mountains of west virginia. mid 60s in and around town thanks to a ton of early morning sunshine. nothing showing up on storm 4 radar now. couple of storms along the outer coastline. those are quickly taking leave of us. if you're enjoying your sunday, first pitch for the nationals a and the marlins at 1:30 this afternoon. 77 degrees. near perfect, cooler, less humid than yesterday and no two-hour rain delay during this game unless yesterday. a beautiful morning will lead to the partly sunny afternoon. chances of five or ten minute long showers up in the high spots. but in town, nothing to worry about. temperatures in the 70s today as opposed to 91 and humid yesterday. >> chuck, thanks. >>> the national weather service is looking into reports of two possible tornados in northern virginia. >> the storm caused major damage in parts of fairfax county. news4's chris gordon is live in reston where residents are cleaning up this morning. i was out that way yesterday and trees blocked off roadways. it looks like a mess out there now. >> that's right, angie and richard.
. >> looking forward to that. >>> we are following a developing story this morning out of afghanistan. two u.s. marines are dead and several other troops injured in an attack on the british base where prince harry is stationed. this attack happened overnight at camp bastion which is in the southern part of the country in the helmand province. the base is next to camp leather neck which houses u.s. marines. all of the casualties appear to be americans. prince harry was a mile away from the base when the attack happened and was not hurt. the taliban recently announced they plan to capture or kill prince harry during his latest deployment to afghanistan. >>> also developing this morning protests are spreading beyond the middle east as more muslims respond to an antiislam video. demonstrators took to the streets in more than 20 countries in nearly 40 cities around the world with protests in places like malaysia, indonesia, pakistan, and india remaining mostly peaceful while more violence is erupting in the middle east. at least seven have been killed and dozens injured in the protests. other weste
. temperatures mid-60s across much of the shenandoah valley. upper 70s bayside locations. storm 4 radar, not much going on around our area just yet. showers and a rumble of thunder out to ocean city, rehoboth. but out to the west, a strong cold front promises raindrops as early as 11:00 a.m. to noon time frame. thickening clouds this morning, showers and thunderstorms arriving for this afternoon. some of which by mid to late afternoon could be strong to severe. we'll keep a close eye on that. plus it's saturday morning. who's playing, when they're playing and where they're playing, sense your college game day football requests to me chuck.bell@n brks krr chuck.bell@nbc. >> dematha defeated calvert hall but did so without five of their players. five students withdrew from the school after accusation they hired prostitutes following a road game in north carolina last weekend. the students reportedly hired the prostitutes from a website and snuck them in after team chaperones completed final room checks. >> the school stands behind our coach, elijah brooks, his staff, the school staff who monitored
and pleasant for most of the day, but clouds will be on the increase. highs today mid to upper 70s. could not rule out for you folks downs by charlottesville. i think most of us will have a nice try finish to the weekend. we'll talk about rainy days and mondays. all those old songs. >> okay, thanks. >>> this morning, a new alert for some americans abroad in response todays of violence directed at the u.s. travel warnings have been giveen to americans in sudan, tunisia, and yemen. the president says there are at least 50 suspects identified in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate. and the attack that killed the ambassadors in his country was meticulously planned and foreigners were involved. >> i have no doubt. >> libya's president also says police have arrested at least four people and police are on the hunt for other possible suspect ises. the property tests are not defined to the middle east, it's going all the way to australia. this is in sydney. as for the california machine that made that movie believes to have encited this anger is in hiding. he was dropped off at an undisclosed
dew points in the upper 60s. feeling extra humid this morning as well especially compared to yesterday. 70s to low 80s to get your saturday started. not a lot of rain on storm 4 doppler. it's raining across parts of central virginia. down towards culpepper, virginia, not too far from fredericksburg and showers over the chesapeake bay bridge. not a watchout today but keep your rain plans ready to go. showers off and on through much of the day. highs in the upper 80s, low 90s. a warm one. perfect weather, september 1st, college football season. weeke william & mary, 91 degrees. a 30% chance of showers. howard university, bison taking on morehouse up from atlanta. 91 degrees. that game at 3:00 at rfk. college football is here. a holiday weekend rain check, more coming up. >> thank you. >>> a u.s. drone strike early today kill at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drone s fired at least seve at a vehicle and house. >>> two american service members are dead after an insu
cannot be completely ruled out. toasty warm. today well up into the upper 80s to low 90s, then for tomorrow, ooh, as the weekend goes along, unfortunately clouds thicken and rain chances increase for tomorrow and increase further as we head towards lor day monday itself. talk more about that. the whole weekend won't be a total loss, but, ooh, a little sunshine challenged for you. talk more about it um canning up. >> thank you, chuck. >>> new this morning, a u.s. drone strike killed at least five rebels in pakistan. the attack was aimed at a militant compound near the border of afghanistan. intelligence officials confirmed the drones fired at least seven missiles as a vehicle and house. the area is widely regarded as a stronghold of taliban and al qaeda operatives. >>> police are not ruling out foul play as the cause of death after a man fell out of a third story window. ibrahim louisa found unconscious in the southeast. initially police thought someone attacked hill. the video evidence and witness accounts point to a three-story fall as the reason for his death. police ar
in the 70s at this time yesterday have fallen back into the 50s this morning. as a result, it is crisp and cool outside. current temperatures are mostly in the 50s and low 60s now. remember, this time yesterday a lot of spots were well into the 70s. not a completely clear sky yet, but clearing is the trend of the day. 62 at national airport, but 58 waldorf this morning. 55 culpepper. and 55 in martinsville and inwood, up in the panhandle of west virginia. as far as the rest of the day goes, i think you'll like it a whole lot. a couple of showers for your friends out in delaware. but not too much of a threat around here. near perfect day to be outside today. 77 degrees, cooler and less humid. there will be a chance for a little five or ten minute spot shower, especially north and west of town up into parts of southern pennsylvania. don't really think we have to worry much about that around town. but a spot shower or two. tomorrow, there's an absolutely positively zero percent chance of rain for everybody. isn't that nice to hear? >> i like it. thanks, chuck. >> and when chuck was talkin
to thicken. current temperatures in the upper 60s to low and mid-50s. sprinkles in central and west value should try up as they come over the county mains it it will be a middle one, temperatures once again in the mid to upper 70s for today. rain drops are not so far away. we'll be talking about that and the rest of the workweek forecast. >> more breaking news now out of afghanistan, just a few hours ago, a nato air strike killed eight women and injured seven others, nato was targeting a group of insurgents, they said there was no civilian depths, and nato offered their con doll lances. four nato soldiers were killed in what appears to be another insider attack. they told the nbc 4 news it was americans. they were trying to stop an attack on a police check point. >> this morning, the state department has issued travel warnings for americans abroad. americans in tunisia, sudan, and yemen are being told to leave those countries because of the on going riots and protests. they have identified least 50 suspects in the deadly attack. he told nbc news that foreigners were involved and helped pl
in washington. and tons of humidity in the air as well. dew points are in the low 70s. extra humid this morning. no rain locally. rain drops in central maryland and west virginia in elkins and morgantown right now. these showers are about four hours away. that puts it in here at noon or 1:00. thickening clouds this morning showers and thunderstorms arriving around noon time. some of those will be severe. we'll keep an eye on that. tomorrow noticeably better, clearer, drier. cavaliers taking on penn state. a noon kickoff. you need to get on the road soon if you're going to make the game. 80% chance of rain before the game is done. they have to worry about thunderstorms in wahooville. >>> demath ta catholic high school is trying to move on from a scandal. they defeated cal vert hall 23-14, but they did so without five of their players. five students withdrew after accusations they hired prostitutes. the students reportedly hired the prostitutes from a website and snuck them in after team chaperones completed final room checks. >> i think that's something that clearly is illegal should not be acce
of pieces of contemporary art right in the middle of the country's second largest city yet it's one of l.a.'s biggest secrets. >> robert rawshenberg, frank stela, david hockney >> reporter: and this is throughout the hospital >> it's everywhere. we're trying to an environment conducive to healing >> reporter: join us to explore this vast collection of contemporary treasures few people even know exist later on sunday morning. >> osgood: among other things, fall means a new season for entertainment. throughout the morning we'll be looking ahead to what's on offer. in the field of pop music, that means a new offering from the rock band "no doubt." anthony mason has been sampling the tracks. >> reporter: it's been more than a decade since "no doubt" released a new record. but one of the '90s' biggest bands is back. >> the boys rehearse way more than me because i kind of feel like i'll just wing it. >> reporter: style icon and lead singer gwen stefani has returned to her roots. ahead on sunday morning, "no doubt" is making music again. >> osgood: nora roberts is a novelist who is anything but a no
in the late 1800s, she was a member of a monument street methodist church and the preacher was preaching and the words that he was speaking started to work in her like yeast works in bread. that is how the word is suppose today work in us. and she took a hymnal and she wrote down the words, jesus paid it all, all to him i owe. well, unknown to her, the organist of the church had composed a song, the music and when they both gave--she gave the words to the pastor, the organist gave the music to the pastor, they put it together, it matched exactly. friend, it is jesus. -did it all and paid it all. the gospel can be spelled in one word. done. done. it is done: my sins in the past forgiven, done. the hurt and the pain in my heart, forgiveness, healing. it is done. the sadness that you and i might experience from time to time, it is done. he has taken it away. the joy and peace that you and i need, it is done. jesus has done for you and me all that needs doing. let me say it again, everything that needs doing, healing, fore giveness, joy, peace, whatever your need is, you may say pastor, hav
. >> the number quoted by mitt romney in the address is correct. u.s. census bureau data published by the "the wall street journal" reports that 49% of american households receive some type of government benefit in mid 2011. that's up from 30% in the 1980s. social security benefits, 16.2% of americans receive them. medicare coverage, 14.9% receive it. food stamps, one in seven households get them. income tax, americans in 2010 who paid none, 46%. up from 27% 20 years ago. unemployment, 23 million unemployed or underemployed today. question, the obama team is trying to spin the video as meaning romney only cares about the top 53%. not the 47% who get government benefits. is this damaging to governor romney? tim? >> absolutely damaging to governor romney. because he is writing off a portion of the population. it is not just that he is talking down to them, like barack obama did four yeersz ago, when he talked -- years ago when he talked about the bitter clingers who clinged to guns and religion, and obama says we can win them over and romney is saying i can't win this part of the population. any
degrees is our number. we have calm winds but that humidity is 90%. more numbers show 70s around the map. the exception is martinsburg and frederick, you guys are at 68. the first batch is moving towards the northern neck of virginia, and the next batch of rain off to the west. you folks out in deep creek lake, unfortunately it will be a very wet morning and afternoon. so heads up especially for you. the rest of us will wait on the rain probably until after 10:00. in the middle 80's with showers increasing and storms likely this afternoon. easing us back to 80 degrees. i'll tell you how long the stretch of rainy weather is expected to last andhat song is stuck in my lead when i see you in a bit. >> back to you. i'm anxious to know to what it is. >>> as the remnants of isaac push our way, it's spawning several tornadoes. one apparent twister caused extension damage in kansas yesterday. strong winds tore off roofs and hangars. isaac has produced 39 twisters since making landfall. the tropical system usually averages about 18 tornadoes. >>> this morning more than 300,000 people in arkansas,
's been another so-called insider attack in eastern afghanistan. nato says a u.s. soldier and an american civilian were killed yesterday in an attack by a member of the afghan security forces. syrian rebels yesterday launched another offensive to reclaim that nation's largest city aleppo. among the casualties one of syria's historic treasures, aleppo's medieval marketplace went up in flames. they say everything is bigger in texas. fortunately that does not apply to earthquakes. the 3.4 magnitude tremor rattled the dallas/fort worth area overnight. so far there are no reports of injuries or serious damage. this weekend's shutdown of a stretch of one of the nation's busiest freeways has led to some traffic slowdowns but carmageddon 2 is not. interstate 405 in los angeles should be open in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney are spending the weekend preparing for the first presidential debate. the candidates face off in denver wednesday night. some 60 million of us are expected to watch the debate on television. there is a new entr
a reality. one of his dreams did come true when he got a chance to visit nationals park. here's news4's barbara harrison. >> these days it's not easy to find this place empty. especially when the nationals are actually in town. are you excited about being here? >> yes. >> 16-year-old rodney was definitely excited to be here at nationals stadium. and couldn't believe he was actually going to get to meet some of the players. guess who we have right over here? pitchers geo gonzalez and edwin jackson invited rodney to play a little catch. >> how you doing, man? ready to go? >> yes. >> we'll let you get lit ah little more comfortable. >> rodney came dressed up because he cares a lot about making a good impression. although he has some development challenges, he's a wonderful young man with a lot of hopes and dreams. >> he's very inquisitive. he loves to cook, he loves rap music. he likes to build. he built his social worker a wonderful birdhouse. he loves to investigate things, he wants to know what everything is about. he's a very intriguing and interesting young man. >> we did it. we turne
the head of hezbollah saying this film was the work of u.s. intelligence, you know, you see that what's intend here is a larger as the american project is not about the film any more. >> your intention was never to insult or even provoke anyone. >> no. i think lots and lots of people including many muslim readers of the book finished the book and said where's the difficulty. when you read the book it's float. a lot of what was said about the book isn't in the book. >> salman rushdie, thank you so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> the senate is trying to give the appearance of a tougher position on iran. it overwhelmingly approved a resolution early this morning that reaffirmed the u.s. commitment to making sure iran does not develop nuclear weapons. the nonbinding measure does not authorize military force or a declaration of war. >> in colorado, three people injured in july's deadly theater are suing the theater's own. they lame the building lacked proper security and the back door, exit door should have been equipped with an alarm. gunman propped that door open a
here in the deserts of the u.s., but africa, and asia, australia, as well. wow. now, again, this is a real treat, because, you know, this could be a 100-year-old tortoise, easily. this is a guy that's only about three months old. liz: right. jarod: the one thing i love about working with any type of reptile is that, especially when they're babies, they are exact replicas of their adult form, but just miniaturized. liz: you can compare. you can see there are lines here, and there aren't any lines here. jarod: exactly. and that's why, looking at these things, it might lead you to believe that you could determine the age that way. look at this. this is great. and, boy, he is like an active little guy. and this little guy, it's a little too young to tell, but not a concave, so this could be a female? liz: could be a female. jarod: now, diet-wise, obviously, they need to find food items that are going to give them as much moisture -- this tortoise pretty much eats vegetation, correct? liz: right? jarod: will they ever eat something like a cactus? liz: mm-hm. jarod: so they could
as a star member of the u.s. women's olympic softball team. jennie spends a lot of time in the sun and traveling around the world, so natural advantage has become her best defense against the visible signs of aging. >> i take my time very seriously, and it takes a lot for me to be able to take a product with me on the road and have time to use it and make time to use it, but with natural advantage, i want to use it. in the morning, i want to wake up and put it on because i know that i see results from it, and that's what keeps you going back each morning and every night before you go to bed. i love natural advantage, and i love what it's done for my skin. >> seymour: and when something works, you share it, so i invited a group of natural advantage users to join me for a day of beauty and skincare and to talk about natural advantage. the thing is that i-- i was asked to do a lot of different products by a lot of different companies, and a lot of them were really, really high-end, and some of them are very famous, and--i won't give you the names of them-- but, you know, the minimum p
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